Friday, September 4, 2015

Happy Force Friday!

Bacta Transport

From Platt's Smuggler's Guide

Space Battle! Not sure which book; this art has a label but I do not know what it refers to...
Happy Force Friday! Some art from several books I illustrated for West End Games. As with all this art, it is all old school pen, ink, marker and airbrush.

I actually, if you can believe it, used to mail the original art to the publisher. FedEx was a close friend back then...

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  1. Great to see some more Star Wars art!
    On pic 3, these big ships look a lot like Imperial Armored Transports, so perhaps there were some plans for a remake of the Scavenger Hunt adventure module? Or they might be some variant of the Action-class freighters. The scene could also originate in the Thrawn Trilogy - in Dark Force Rising, the Imperials are attacking a New Republic convoy defended by A-wings (Thrawn Trilogy Sourcebook is June 1996, but I don't think the pic is there).
    Could you please tell us exactly what the label on this one says? Perhaps we can decode something from it...