Friday, October 2, 2015

Dragon Magazine #306

Urban Traps

by Penny Williams, illustrated by Christina Wald 25 devious devices make any city a place to fear, a place to steal, and a place to adventure.

This was a fun illustration done in 2002! There is a lot I would handle differently if I did it now...

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Stock Ships: Kazellis Light Freighter

Kazellis Light Freighter from Stock Ships
I found this illustration while looking for something else. It was completely misfiled but I thought it was a sign to scan it in.

It is a Kazellis Light Freighter from Stock Ships in ink and marker.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Happy Force Friday!

Bacta Transport

From Platt's Smuggler's Guide

Space Battle! Not sure which book; this art has a label but I do not know what it refers to...
Happy Force Friday! Some art from several books I illustrated for West End Games. As with all this art, it is all old school pen, ink, marker and airbrush.

I actually, if you can believe it, used to mail the original art to the publisher. FedEx was a close friend back then...

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dune CCG Art

Here is a blast from the past of some of the cards I did for the Dune CCG in the 90s.

As has probably been chronicled before by other artists from the project, we at first were directed to make it look like the movie and then later were told not to in later sets.
I could not find the cards to of my favorite paintings for the sets and did more of them than I thought. I hope I can find the rest. Many of the original art scans are on long forgotten zip drive cartridges(I DO NOT miss those)…

Of course it is crazy to find anything you did 18 or so years ago. (And I do hundreds of illustrations a year, do the math and imagine an episode of Hoarders and you get the idea of how many books, cards, paintings etc. I have…)

It is funny to look at them now. I would probably make some different design decisions. Many of the illustrations look like they take place in a hotel (perhaps an art deco Hilton in desperate need of a remodel?) and I like to think I would make better composition choices now…

FUN FACT: The model for this illustration was in my Industrial Design class at UC and is a designer at Hasbro. He also is in some  on my D & D art and a couple other games.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Battletech CCG: Cerberus

I recently ran out of business cards and had a pop culture gallery show coming up so I took some of the gazillion blank backed cards Wizards of the Coast used to give the artists and put labels on the backs. It was a big hit.

At this week's illustrators lunch, I gave one to an illustrator who worked for Ral Partha back in the day. He said he actually designed this mech. How cool is that? I probably bought that miniature too since when I did assignments for FASA, I tried to buy them when possible to draw from.

More Middle Earth

Here is a smattering of the cards I did for ICE's Middle Earth CCG in the mid-90s. I will gradually post them here. Some are not ever scanned if you can believe it!

By the way, if you are a Tolkien fan, I cannot recommend The Tolkien Professor enough, especially his Silmarillion Seminar. You with thank me later...

Chill them with fear...

An somewhat threatening tree...
The King under the Mountain
Dol Guldur